Your personal space to manage studies

Find new way to achieve your teaching goals and digitize your study management routines. a comprehensive study journey logic created in cooperation with the teachers and researchers.

All study materials in one place save time

Design a smart and personalised learner's dashboard with custom challenges suitable for them. Save time by not starting from scratch in preparing their lessons. Task solving is structured and attention-grabbing.

An easy platform for teachers

Tasks are easy to compile. Assesing results or giving feedback is flexible and can be done using a picture, sound or video. Feedback can be given related to what has been the task list for every single class. You have a good overview of all subjects and courses, visualized reports and work plans in sync with real life.

Central place for all learning applications

Digital materials are securely available worldwide and can be connected to any external links or uploads. Links to video lessons, interesting exercises and games for studying from global learning applications.

Subject based templates
for personal study journey

Preparing for classes is time and energy intensive, because every school year you start building and completing the subject program again from the beginning. Look for locations of well-functioning materials in the memory. Imagine if you could easily improve the existing path every year with more and more excitement and reuse previously well-functioning study materials.

5 reasons to use Schoolaby

Encrypted data exchange in accordance with data protection law

Automated learning process routines

Individual study or group work

Customizable to meet national curriculum needs

Central place for the best applications in the world

Riin Peeters, human studies teacher

Constant readiness, also for distance learning with one student, if someone is sick or on a trip or in competitions, all the study material has been gathered for him to easily complete independently, and for me it has been made convenient to support him

Economics teacher Kristiina Kägu

I feel like an airplane pilot when I open my desk in the morning, everything that happens in my studies is presented to me aesthetically and attractively, and I quickly get an overview of who or what to pay attention to

Mathematics teacher Silja Lillepärg

Was it just that I always managed to do all the lessons in advance, but by creating material during the lesson or filling it in from behind, this complete learning path if once setup it can be applied to all class sets there are. I had so much free time that I could even increase the load

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